Monday, August 3, 2009

From Twitter 08-02-2009

  • 00:11:47: tastytrixie: You have NO idea how horny I get listening to new age music with a full moon out the window while I play computer solitaire. So erotic, LOL.
  • 00:12:58: tastytrixie: I made it sound like a jokey tweet because it's super funny, but the fucked up part is that IT'S 100% TRUE!!!
  • 11:18:50: tastytrixie: Broke down a couple days ago & bought a whole bottle of nighttime supplement with GABA, 5-HTP, L-Theanine, Citicoline, etc. LOVE IT!
  • 11:25:26: tastytrixie: Hmmm . . . feeling really dizzy, though. Like, I've got a mild case of the spins even this long after getting o ut of bed.
  • 15:12:46: tastytrixie: @J_Churchill - LMAO -- that's a great pic, and totally classic from the perspective of someone living on the pe ...
  • 15:24:00: tastytrixie: I just picked a crusty booger & flicked it on the floor. Then @DeliaTS got out the vacuum and used it to hoover up my boogenstein.
  • 15:29:29: tastytrixie: Hooray! Now that I finally pooped today I feel light & floaty enough for my day to really begin! Or to drift off into dreamland . . .
  • 15:48:39: tastytrixie: Wish I could blip the live version of this song because it SLAYS ME, but this is really good, too. &#266B;
  • 15:56:12: tastytrixie: Goddammit - I kind of feel jealous to see a hot dyke with her arm out the car window picking @DeliaTS up to go out. Not a date, but still.
  • 15:57:42: tastytrixie: This song fucking never gets old for me & so perfectly epitomizes the sad deliciousness of some 80's top 40. "H... &#266B;
  • 15:59:16: tastytrixie: And following Boys of Summer with Ella in a minor key? Of all the boys I've known & I've known some INDEED. &#266B;
  • 16:00:07: tastytrixie: Hope I don't piss people off with my music blips; if so, blame @AmberLily for hooking me up to it!
  • 16:20:53: tastytrixie: Fucking love this song. It's like the ultimate outlaw, fringe-dweller's anthem for people who've been chewed up... &#266B;
  • 16:37:24: tastytrixie: Fol Chen's cover of Prince's The Beautiful Ones is . . . well, beautiful. &#266B;
  • 16:45:11: tastytrixie: Freakazoid is a super good follow-up after that telephunky version of The Beautiful Ones. &#266B;
  • 17:40:08: tastytrixie: Riveting, ironic, simple, gut-wrenchingly heartbreaking performance (I think, anyway). &#266B;
  • 19:06:56: tastytrixie: I'm sorry to report all I've done for hours is fry/eat french toast & play with this addictive music site thing:
  • 21:31:45: tastytrixie: Another super fantastic cover from the Spin tribute to Prince's Purple Rain. Give it more than 15 seconds & you... &#266B;
  • 23:43:56: tastytrixie: After spending the day without protection, bleeding on my thighs, I smell like an Albanian butcher shop.

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