Monday, November 15, 2010

From Twitter 11-14-2010

  • 11:47:06: Woke up to one of our blogs being disappeared. Soooooooo not excited about wasting time restoring it / figuring out why.
  • 11:56:41: "My Sexy Indie Porn Life" = corrupt databases?????? Yes, I'm living the fantasy life of hard cocks & wet pussies.
  • 13:17:45: @Dyno90 I was being sarcastic. Dealing with corrupt databases isn't sexy / doesn't fit the stereotype of what people think my job is.
  • 13:22:02: I'm going to my snug little cabin for a few hours. Or more. I am not going to miss the internet while I'm there.
  • 16:15:42: Fearless deer in our yard.
  • 16:28:37: Soooo . . . our drive died so ALL OF OUR SITES ARE DOWN while they work on moving everything to a new one. Hope for a full restoration soon!
  • 16:31:19: I know our hosting company is working hard to get us back up; this has never happened to us before in 8 years so I'm relatively calm.
  • 16:55:58: RT @aagblog: Please read this: RT: @Scarleteen: Legit or Unfit? Finding Safe, Sound Sex Educators & Support Online | Scarleteen http://b ...
  • 19:22:22: Our sites are still down; HARD DRIVE FAILURE. They're still working on it (obviously). I'm REALLY sorry, folks! Nothing I can do but wait.
  • 22:12:08: Hi, @Ladygagasponsor - no, we don't feed the deer unless you count apples that fall off the tree in our yard. Shouldn't feed wild animals.

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