Tuesday, November 16, 2010

From Twitter 11-15-2010

  • 00:53:03: So. The backup drive was corrupted AND EVERYTHING ON OUR SITES, BLOGS, EVERYTHING IS GONE. I am halfway to devastated.
  • 01:12:25: I am sick. Sick sick sick sick sick and heartbroken. I can't fucking believe this.
  • 01:15:09: They're saying that the backup was running while the drive was dying so the errors were also written to the backup rendering it useless.
  • 01:15:59: I know I should have been backing up all of our blogs, but felt like that was paranoid/waste of time when THEY back it up!!
  • 01:17:11: Yes, we have everything (EXCEPT our blog content & other databases) locally, but also tons of software & script installs. Going to puke.
  • 01:29:47: This is our income - every single one of our products fucking GONE. No sales while our sites are down. Permalink blog traffic gone.
  • 01:33:06: @danaseverance @chrisorourke Can I call you guys, like, right now to ask a couple questions? Since you're awake & you're nice?
  • 01:43:03: @marcwrogers They did try to recover data off the drive & the backup, but I don't know/wouldn't understand the techniques if they told me.
  • 02:54:03: Thank you SO MUCH for the phone/personal support, tech insights & advice, etc. @danaseverance & @chrisorourke - {{hugs}} to you both!
  • 03:43:56: Thanks also, @marcwrogers for those tips & insights. I appreciate it!
  • 04:23:59: Recap: ALL OUR SITES OUR DOWN & BLOGS DUST IN THE WIND. Hoping for a miracle that Monday morning people at hosting co. will recover data.
  • 04:43:31: Members: thanks for understanding - I wish @DeliaTS & I could do something 2 restore our sites right now but it's out of our hands at moment
  • 05:05:55: Crying in the dark makes my cheeks tickle. Anyhoo, if you've emailed us at our .com's since our sites broke we can't read it.
  • 13:47:32: Sleep deprivation was never my strong suit. I need to get some zzzz's.
  • 17:42:42: We're uploading stuff as fast as we can. Drive is being sent to a data recovery center. I am overdue for a poop.
  • 19:24:50: Today's good news is we received four of the six huge imaginary-cock-like vibrating dildos we ordered for webcam shows & videos.
  • 21:24:52: -insert crazed laughter- SoOOo we just lost power. Crazy wind & rain. JESUS FUCK I SUBMIT!
  • 22:22:36: Yup. Crazy stormy. Candles lit. It's splendid, but puts an obvious crimp in uploading/restoring site content with no electricity.
  • 22:26:57: This webcam doesn't run on candlepower. http://twitpic.com/37a66d

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