Sunday, November 14, 2010

From Twitter 11-13-2010

  • 08:14:42: Awake early, at least for a little while, after loads of disturbing dreams. Pre-pubescent girl trying to jump to her death, etc.
  • 08:24:49: Brewing a hot mug of mint magic #tea & going to read some since I finally bought an issue. Want GOOD dreams!!
  • 12:02:07: I need a night-long coma drug for a dreamless sleep, because I am sick of nightmaring about half-dead babies & other unpleasantries.
  • 13:31:33: Feeling needy, selfish & apprehensive about the holidays. So much easier to just opt out of them, but we need to be with people this year.
  • 14:00:14: For the past week or so every little thing has been bringing me to tears or stooping me in exhaustion. Brain chemistry fucked, I guess.
  • 14:14:37: LOL - I love people who know Pierce & Thurston counties: @sophiastjames "Ft Lewis, ah the memories."
  • 15:25:21: Got some giant-dose vitamin D, calcium & magnesium, evening primrose oil, probiotics & gaba. I'm sure one & all will help all over.
  • 16:29:03: @BradSabbath It's too bad they don't tell you how to pronounce these fuckers. Then again, who will know if we pronounce them incorrectly?
  • 16:44:43: In Rwanda, women run the show (the whole article, not just the headline, is worth reading; promise, NOT over your head).
  • 22:35:19: I feel a lot better. Thanks for "feeling" me on the whole depression & nerd craziness, stuff. Your splashes of short support are very nice!

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