Sunday, August 29, 2010

From Twitter 08-28-2010

  • 11:25:56: Going to do some cardio before taking a shower before doing my webcam show. Would like to keep working on pic editing/gallery building tho.
  • 13:09:47: Oh man -- I have PMS and doing an hour long group show when NOBODY is saying anything in chat is like TORTURE. Hope I get some chattier ppl
  • 13:21:03: I'm about to kick every single person out of my chatroom/show who hasn't said one single word hello or of appreciation.
  • 13:21:31: This is a free show -- if they were paying, I'd feel differently but there should be some give and take of some sort.
  • 13:32:30: A plugin from another site for members & that site @VivianDaSilva - it's the people who are from THAT site, not mine, saying nada.
  • 13:37:27: It is times like this that I miss doing shows on the once-bigger cam network & being insulted by hundreds! That wasn't boring at least!
  • 14:07:54: Hmmmm . . . looks like maybe the format/rules of access on that site for who can chat vs. watch have changed & they COULDN'T say anything.
  • 15:33:43: It's amazing how improved I feel by standing outside staring at a single plant while the sun warms the back of my neck.
  • 21:49:34: Yes, I did add many splatters of chicken taco juices to my collection of spaghetti sauce stains on my shirt front. What of it?

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