Monday, August 30, 2010

From Twitter 08-29-2010

  • 00:00:14: Didn't quite get that blog entry finished and postable. Tomorrow, along with a lot of other stuff!
  • 09:04:46: Steeping my last bag of Christmas Morning black tea blend. I suppose if Halloween candy is already out, Christmas teas are coming soon?
  • 09:53:07: Oh my grack . . . why do I feel like I have the puking sickness coming on? In the cold, quivering, nauseated-but-hope-it-will-pass phase.
  • 10:20:25: Engaged in the tedium that is updating credit card info on recurring, necessary work charges (domains, hosting, scripts, etc.).
  • 11:14:36: Blog entry about getting ready for mornings at the cabin & wanting to deserve it:
  • 14:03:00: Dear spell-check: I'm pretty sure my name is "Trixie" not "Trioxide".
  • 14:33:18: Little preview of @DeliaTS in shiny silver leggings & starry purple tank top:
  • 15:01:20: I am way way late responding to an email from @AmberLily so doing that now while tomorrow's photo set of 211(!) beach pics uploads.
  • 17:13:34: This town needs to do something about there being WAY too many deer. Their ribs are showing they're so scrawny.
  • 18:55:58: I have some period cramps going on right now. Very mild cramps like these are actually a pleasantly alive feeling for me.
  • 21:42:40: Editing long fingernail fetish handjob video so can encode while packing. I am slow at editing though. Getting late.

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