Saturday, August 28, 2010

From Twitter 08-27-2010

  • 09:21:22: Our man cam & storage computer is resisting my attempts to download photos.
  • 09:21:39: Oops . . . that should be MAIN cam, not MAN cam. Ha!
  • 10:20:43: RT @Kaibutsu: WTF, Mississippi - are you fucking KIDDING me?
  • 10:24:43: Fucking sonofabitching printers. The bane of the lower middle class home office.
  • 11:38:26: Wearing even the most forbidding scowl on my face doesn't keep these happy-town motherfuckers from trying to chit chat with me.
  • 14:41:38: God, don't leave me alone with a stove and work to do with nobody to feed me because I will burn the shit out of everything.
  • 14:55:45: RT @spyonus: Goddamn fucking cable went down during @DeliaTS show. Trying to see if resetting modem & router will bring it back.
  • 16:53:16: I'm getting aroused looking at pictures of myself with @DeliaTS cock in my mouth. I look like a dumpy slob, but still...COCK! IN MY MOUTH!!
  • 16:54:26: Now that @DeliaTS free show is over she's been keeping busy doing pay-to-play shows:
  • 18:50:04: I've got a show in just over an hour. Other than that I've been doggedly focused on trying to get a month's worth of updates ready ahead.
  • 21:25:09: I'm about to log in for a QUICK session of pay-to-play since I didn't get enough masturbation in my show:
  • 21:25:15: Oops, I posted that a little late
  • 21:25:36: might be about to log out after that hot piss show. Twas fantasy, as I'm not prepped in this room for pee shows.
  • 21:42:08: Logged out. That show was mucho fun (for me, anyway); I like going out on the right note. "tssss...pissing on your cock tsss on your face.."

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