Wednesday, July 14, 2010

From Twitter 07-13-2010

  • 14:41:26: Yay! Done with bill-paying for another week. Very thankful it looks better than last.
  • 17:16:11: Cleaning & prettying up to do some pay-to-view camming (which my members can spy on but they're not the most flattering vantage points).
  • 18:42:30: OMG the boys watching me on cam are so fucking young looking it is almost scary
  • 18:42:40: 18ish, but still . . . I am getting older and pervier!
  • 18:55:45: These role plays are making me way way WAY too fucking horny. Might have to log out to get my rocks off
  • 19:55:24: Logged into a less-busy site hoping to get the money that's accrued from non-live stuff over the months. Boooooring . . . .
  • 21:54:09: Thanks to badgolfer for giving me time for my orgasm tonight! That relieved a lot of pentup pressure from the other shows. ;)
  • 22:34:21: Getting ready to eat some dinner and watch some Star Trek: Voyager but I will come back to my machine to post vlog for members before bed!

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