Saturday, June 12, 2010

From Twitter 06-11-2010

  • 00:01:42: Sex is so therapeutic & well-making I think that's why the military is so anti-sex; if soldiers get laid regularly they'll be less lethal.
  • 11:57:09: Editing some pics we shot last night. Pretty soon I have to get ready for my webcam show (and at least one orgasm).
  • 15:13:28: Listening to The Dead Weather's "Hustle & Cuss" & "Blue Blood Blues" w/big vibe on my clit & toy pressing on my g-spot = SUCH GOOD FEELINGS!
  • 15:36:59: Whoah . . . I feel kind of woozy. I'm going to have some spicy noodles (not good for me) and Kombucha for lunch & maybe a nap.
  • 18:59:13: All I need to do to look white trashier any given week is increase my sugar consumption for a couple of days. Then I'm bonafide.

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