Friday, June 11, 2010

From Twitter 06-10-2010

  • 00:08:33: When did "they" decide to stop making front-hook bras?!? Impossible to find anywhere these days, it seems.
  • 11:05:29: Going to get inspired by brainwashing myself with new agey success type books this morning with my tea & luna bar.
  • 11:50:11: A free tip: sometimes I first lubricate my toilet paper with my pussy slime before wiping my ass. To make it slicker & more gentle.
  • 11:59:51: Okay, I am off to a great start today! Note: I'm doing my Friday webcam show earlier than usual tomorrow, so BE THERE!!
  • 13:00:46: Sad. We don't listen to music as much now that we've .mp3's scattered everywhere & insufficient systems/setups to enjoy them spontaneously.
  • 13:03:59: @DreamnetRob Are any of them free? Because that's our problem, affording slicker system(s)/tools to enjoy & time to transfer.
  • 13:06:32: @DreamnetRob Exactly -- we totally need an .mp3 player with more storage space. My little ipod nano is filled to the brim. :(
  • 13:13:07: @DreamnetRob On top of that my Technics receiver is from, like, 1991 and doesn't have an aux jack like that.
  • 13:26:34: @DreamnetRob LOL -- totally! Hence my sadness. I need to groom more sugar daddies or just get richer in general.
  • 13:29:34: Trying to do three things at once because each one is SO FUCKING SLOW. Kind of hyperventilating with irritation and impatience.
  • 13:34:02: @DreamnetRob LOL -- maybe next year. ;)
  • 13:53:52: I am going to have a good playlist to come to during my webcam show tomorrow, dammit!
  • 14:52:38: Just sent some free Delia porn out into the void. PLEASE COME BACK IN SOME VERSION OF MONEY!
  • 14:54:16: So hungry for lunch, especially after seeing @reptilegrrl's spinach pie pic:
  • 17:18:04: Trying to decide whether or not I should wear my glasses for this photo set we're about to shoot . . .
  • 19:01:06: Glad I decided to wear my glasses for that shoot. I think @DeliaTS shot some sweet pics of me! My leg started shaking during it.
  • 19:08:06: We still have a lot of shooting on our plate for tonight, but taking a break for taco dinner. @DeliaTS is cooking it up right now.
  • 20:36:12: I love making up my lips to remind me of the colors in Lisa Frank stickers. And wow, I didn't realize she violated COPA:
  • 20:45:59: I wonder who our crazy bitch neighbor found to yell at in her yard now that her boyfriend is in jail? She is just unstoppable!
  • 21:55:57: In the right poses & panties I'm in love with my soft chubbyesque belly & think it & even its rolls are super delicious, hot, sexy, & CUTE!
  • 23:24:05: We're going to fuck now. Because OH MY GOD I AM DYING!!
  • 23:59:37: Man, that was some fucking grooooooooooooooovy love-making, maannnnnn . . .

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