Saturday, April 3, 2010

From Twitter 04-02-2010

  • 00:01:36: On my way home from foot night. So much eye candy for my little Trixie eyes to devour! Also loved the men I met.
  • 00:14:38: Putting fleece sweatshirt & sweats on over/under my dress on the ferry so I'll be warm when I count my foot money. Mwahaha!
  • 11:43:43: Wow! Some of my muscles are wonderfully sore from holding my feet up last night: lower abs, thighs and hips. Thankfully not bad-sore.
  • 11:54:53: Just had a quick vibe & orgasm to a self-suck video and now I want to go back to sleep.
  • 13:29:58: The things I need to do most will take FOREVER and the things that I can do a lot of aren't the things I need to do most. PARALYZED.
  • 16:08:11: The wind has died down and our main connection (and with it our ccams) seems stable now.
  • 17:39:36: Doing some reading to remind myself what Good Friday is all about. Sharing my related personal feelings won't work in <140 characters.
  • 21:18:29: Oh gosh oh gosh cracking UP! if you want a kindhearted stripper LOL tonight, read this:
  • 21:25:12: I made us get up from watching Mad Men an hour ago to try to accomplish work but it's clearly not working so getting back in bed. MAD MEN!!!
  • 21:28:03: I ate a lot of carbs today so that tomorrow if I'm all sluggish & mentally incompetent I can blame it on my pre-pre-diabetes sugar crash.

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