Monday, November 30, 2009

From Twitter 11-29-2009

  • 00:14:26: We're going to go buy some fudgesicles! I totally don't know how to spell those creamy brown disasters!
  • 10:37:25:
  • 10:38:16: Monsanto's dominance draws antitrust inquiry: Wow -- about time?!? They should be fucking HUNG.
  • 10:42:06: Think about it: the "Justice" dept. has used resources to prosecute OBSCENITY cases/thought crimes, but not take down those shitholes? UGH!
  • 17:04:56: So SO CUTE!! RT @tweetmeme Poor Cinderella!:( | The Official Blog Of Aaliyah Love
  • 17:45:35: UGH. Sorry that my twitter account got hacked and has been sending stupid DM's. HOW DOES THIS SHIT HAPPEN?!?
  • 17:49:22: I hate having to be embarrassed about something that I didn't even *do*. But also failed to correct (not talking about twitter here).
  • 18:29:30: @TastyTracy LOL - you were watching me? Eek. For me the picking's not diet but yes, stress (in part); it's a self-soothing compulsive thing.
  • 18:30:52: I am betting that the twitter hack was from one of those adult-allowing picture-posting sites. Never going to use that again, unfortunately.
  • 18:47:51: Imagining people having snarky conversations about me, thinking I'm even more of a stupid asshole than I really am. Sigh.
  • 21:05:15: It's amazing (and scary?) what a horrifyingly-artificially-sweetened popsicle can do to curb one's appetite. Oh, colorful Splenda ice . . .
  • 22:42:23: Is it gross that I think the wormy pistachios taste extra-yummy?

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