Tuesday, November 24, 2009

From Twitter 11-23-2009

  • 01:38:08: Mmmmm . . . on a cold night it feels SO good to step out of a hot shower and blow dry my hair. HOT AIR ALL OVER ME! So lavish.
  • 02:25:32: Voyeurs: my hair might look like a frazzled disaster because I haven't fixed it yet, but it SMELLS and FEELS like girly heaven.
  • 02:36:06: Dear Redken: why the FUCK did you discontinue Blonde Glam Pure Pearl?!?!? Smelled great, felt fantastic, worked perfectly.
  • 10:20:35: I'm so not good at mornings/sleep-deprivation and get really anxious about having to be somewhere at a certain time in the AM.
  • 12:08:53: RAD - that worked out pretty good; ticket dismissed and had plenty of time to get my B shot.
  • 17:42:49: Rendering video. 1.5 files down, 6.5 to go. Hope I'm able to get it all uploaded tonight for members.
  • 18:35:10: Awesome 4 min. stretch: http://youtube.com/watch?v=vLPfP1oRJFM We have a couple Rodney Yee dvd's and he is SO hot! Err, RELAXING!
  • 19:54:17: Shooting a set of holiday pics & video of @DeliaTS while my hot bush-stroking videos continue to render.
  • 22:47:06: I don't know if these vids are going to finish uploading before I need to fall asleep.

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