Friday, October 30, 2009

From Twitter 10-29-2009

  • 00:12:30: Jesus -- Facebook has really become totally fucked up. Like . . .TOTALLY.
  • 01:22:13: @AaliyahLove69 I know, it's a hysterical notion. I know part of why we all do it though is we love it. Most of the time, anyway. ;)
  • 10:50:27: Do not spam me, intellichat, about your deceptive and annoying fake-chat script. I don't want anything to do with it.
  • 10:52:59: RT @ashleysteel: Any girls use ImLive that have missing earnings? This company has been stealing hundreds from me for months now!
  • 11:02:28: Note: I know nothing about ImLive - just passing the info along for people who might & can compare notes with @ashleysteel.
  • 12:22:58: Just completed my most satisfying duty of the day.
  • 13:27:09: @philgs Bwahahaha!! Exactly right!
  • 13:29:42: Logged an extra cam into SOY so voyeurs can watch me get a little of the exercise I *need* and am overdue for.
  • 17:33:10: Mmmmm . . . my hair is nice and shiny after a shower and some straightening.
  • 18:23:10: I cannot stop picking at my head cannot stop picking at my head cannot stop picking at my head.
  • 18:33:03: Lame that "Nadja" is not on this list of best Vampire movies: but non-vamp movies are! FYI: I love Shadow of the Vampire!
  • 18:52:02: Phew! Scary Hairy Halloween Pussy stuff is done & uploading just in time for us to go see a movie. I will present it to members upon return.
  • 21:40:45: You may mock me, but I enjoyed Vampire's Assistant. I love Willem Dafoe and Salma Hayak. Not great, but certainly not unpleasant.
  • 22:10:19: @rollertrain I *want* to be a Buffy fan & am in theory, but it hasn't worked for me in practice. Especially not that musical thing.
  • 22:33:53: I must've uploaded part of my gallery to the wrong folder; can't find it and have to upload it again to the right spot. Taking FOREVER.
  • 22:46:23: I'm turning the heat on in WebWhoreHQ tomorrow -- no more of this coldness for god's sake!

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