Saturday, October 31, 2009

From Twitter 10-30-2009

  • 10:49:35: I would give my left tit to sleep without dreaming so goddamned much.
  • 11:43:25: Pewwwwwww . . . our bedroom smells like wet dog and dusty heaters.
  • 12:06:48: There are so many birds in our backyard & trees after the rain! Robins and I think @DeliaTS said "Flickers" and junkos (sp). Fun to watch.
  • 12:08:25: Lots of little goodies on from me, @DeliaTS and @AmberLily. Camshow grabs, free pics, etc.
  • 15:05:17: My newest blog post about bad drunken college sex:
  • 15:25:56: I wonder why my pagerank for has dropped since I put my blog on the front page. Hmmmm . . . oh well.
  • 16:30:49: I cannot believe the horrific injuries and stories my sister is exposed to as a nurse. I start crying even HEARING about it. Jesus Christ!
  • 16:33:59: Have to hurry & get ready for one last Halloween shoot, dinner (of what, we don't know) and shows.
  • 17:30:45: Wankers: it's really stupid when you post tweet after tweet to DIFFERENT webwhores telling each of them she is "number 1".
  • 18:07:04: My members who like teasier, less-explicit photo sets are going to be really happy we shot this additional Halloween set. Very cute.
  • 18:27:16: There is a fucking green thread hanging off my skirt in these pics RIGHT over the important parts. HATE THAT. Hope someone thinks it's cute.
  • 18:28:26: Last shoot it was hemorrhoids, this shoot it's a distracting THREAD. My ass shots can't fucking WIN This week.
  • 18:38:06: - All I need now is some candy corn!
  • 19:17:22: I've got a show at the top of the hour! Members go here then click on Rude:
  • 23:33:09: Why did I eat all of that sugar while we were watching Gossip Girl? I know, you're like, "why were you watching Gossip Girl!?!" Chuck BASS!
  • 23:58:36: @UndressJess Pot gives me anxiety attacks too & sometimes auditory hallucinations (I hear sirens, microwaves beeping, etc.). Not good 4 me.

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