Thursday, August 27, 2009

From Twitter 08-26-2009

  • 01:35:34: FUCK. Pulled over, expired tabs & lic. Plate prob on car given to us for free. I love how the cops pull you over just for having a shit car
  • 01:52:25: RAD! We are so bonafide ghetto! The plate on the front is for a stolen car! What a magical evening.
  • 02:33:11: We wonder if our extremely stupid car-thieving shithole neighbors stole one of our plates & put on a different one in its place.
  • 02:34:28: The good news: Inglourious Basterds is a fucking American Cinema MASTERPIECE & we will have to see it a couple more times on the big screen.
  • 03:00:35: The coyotes are super vocal tonight -- I love that sound. I know, you thought I hated ALL sounds of nature, but you're wrong!
  • 14:30:53: RT @audaciaray: . . . "I want to bring Indian sex workers a digital culture gift from American sex workers: "
  • 14:43:36: - I kinda hate it when chicks put on makeup to exercise, but I wanted to try my new cheap lip crap before mini- ...
  • 16:32:12: Who *are* these people with memories of high school as a "simpler time"?!? I'd fucking kill myself before I'd go through that hell again.
  • 18:52:47: Dontcha hate it when you turn on the wrong burner, walk away, and almost set the house on fire?
  • 23:03:20: Just watched Synecdoche, New York. I'm not smart enough to be *totally* depressed by it -- we really enjoyed it.
  • 23:04:45: At this moment I am really thankful for my eyeglasses. I think these frames are the most stylish & flattering accessory I've ever owned.
  • 23:43:28: This might sound gross, but I love it when my cunt smells like pretzels dipped in glue.

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