Tuesday, August 25, 2009

From Twitter 08-24-2009

  • 09:40:31: When I am not on birth control pills my whole vulva and vagina feel like they're SCREAMING for a fucking orgasm.
  • 09:45:12: If I were really rich, right now I'd be in our solarium with tea & a platter of fresh blueberries, strawberries & melons cut up by the help.
  • 12:35:47: Recreating blogroll for redesign is taking FOREVER. And still so incomplete & wrong & not followed-up-on. Someday . . .
  • 13:15:33: Snort - the cops are next door AGAIN. Our neighbors are so noisy and . . . high maintenance. And really fucking STUPID.
  • 13:17:09: What I really hope is for once they take the woman. Cart her ass away and give us some REAL peace & quiet for awhile.
  • 17:09:25: Most days my Exciting WebWhore Career consists less of sex, and more of data entry. LOTS more. Filling my wet fields with hard WORDS, bb!
  • 17:10:24: Nervous: @DeliaTS is on the phone with her parents now, planning on coming out to them.
  • 17:20:39: We're in the house together, but I can't hear her so I'm watching her on her cam. Appears to be talking fast (unusual!) & gesticulating.
  • 17:21:38: She is really emphasizing something. I wonder if she's reading the letter she wrote them (but didn't send) out loud?
  • 18:16:17: Yay! @DeliaTS parents know, now & it was good/reassuring. Heard laughter while they were talking. Thanks much for the well wishes, folks!

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