Sunday, August 23, 2009

From Twitter 08-22-2009

  • 08:06:38: Having a baby & three year old in the house makes sleep difficult. And my poor sister? Only got an HOUR of sleep.
  • 08:07:14: Oops -- I forgot to hit send on that last tweet . . . at, like, 6:30 am. Worth it, though, to see my baby nephew's dimples when he smiles.
  • 09:05:47: OMFG - our dog got into a hornet's nest - @DeliaTS is stung, they're still swarming around Nico -- I'm freaking out.
  • 09:43:17: I think we're all okay; @DeliaTS has a handful of stings and our dog's snout is swelling up, but gave her benadryl. So scary, though.
  • 09:44:17: I'm glad my sister was here to help think fast & hose down the dog &clouds of bees. And *so* glad the babies weren't out there.
  • 10:21:31: I guess I'm leaving the house. Because it's impossible for me to say no when my nephew asks, "Auntie Twixie? Would you pweez come wif us?"
  • 14:07:50: Had a super SUPERfantastic time (except for the heated sidewalk argument we had with a guy about health care).
  • 21:04:22: RT @amberlrhea: Read @melissagira's post about self-identified feminist man calling sex workers "used" -
  • 21:44:19: The kids should be gone and our cams all back up before noon tomorrow. Right now my atrophied arm muscles are killing me from lifting them.

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