Tuesday, August 18, 2009

From Twitter 08-17-2009

  • 11:04:17: The harder I work/more time I spend doing the nerd work of a webwhore, the more boring I am/less effective I am at hornying you all up. Oops
  • 13:04:12: I really need some fresh air & exercise even though I want to just sit here on my ass taking care of business.
  • 14:05:45: My bones are crunchy. Got a bag packed for a couple of hours outdoors away from computer machines. Be back (all too?) soon!
  • 14:27:10: OMG - not gone yet; got distracted looking at one of those catalogs for everything you need to decorate your double wide. NEED THAT STUFF!
  • 14:31:31: Heads up, fans & members: sometime tonight after 11pm (2 am eastern) our server is being moved so our sites couldl be down for 2-3 hours.
  • 16:04:28: Yummy -- blackberries are getting ripe. Picked a few good ones. Back home now with sweat trickling down the back of my neck.
  • 17:41:08: Example of an irritating blog comment that doesn't make someone want to start blogging again: "Boooo!! Miss your posts... " Booing SUCKS.
  • 19:09:59: My advice to you: don't have a url containing both the words "trap" and "bugs" if you want to get porn-buying traffic.
  • 19:13:31: PETA couldn't be more stupid: RT @Miss_Darling: HOLY SHIT. Damn, PETA, you sure know how to offend fat people. Jesus. http://bit.ly/uqtTz
  • 19:21:34: I hate people who confuse alienation & insults w/ persuasion. Also: skimming comments, not finding anyone mentioning the gender component.
  • 21:07:35: Blogger doesn't want to let me upload pics today/tonight for some reason. Trés annoying. But at least I finally can type é, right or wrong.
  • 21:55:06: Made one of those lame-ass "I'm alive" blog entries people do. Need some tv-time & an early lights out now.
  • 22:59:50: Do you ever look back at old entries you made in your blog and think my GOD how fucking stupid was/am I?
  • 23:54:35: Our sites are down right now while they move the server. Please let me know if you notice anything strange when they come back up.

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