Monday, August 17, 2009

From Twitter 08-16-2009

  • 01:00:13: We're firm believers in "if it's yellow, let it mellow" which is all well & good until your eye gel falls into the toilet.
  • 12:00:20: @LukeIsBack Oooh -- good project! I'd love to be listed, too.
  • 12:24:05: Going to install & fiddle with wp blog & theme for civil rights & liberties group I'm in; perfect opp to test template suitability for porn.
  • 12:38:44: Con: I totally had to plunge that log. Pro: I now feel lighter than air! Or at least lighter than, like, your mama.
  • 12:42:02: Looking at all my new activist-related media laying around I realize I now have the perfect excuse to go shop for a new 3 ring binder. COOL!
  • 14:16:14: HATE wordpress themes/widgets that post all the links under one heading instead of categories of links. Hate that I can't seem to fix it.
  • 15:25:28: Don't listen to me; I'm a cranky, impatient, attention deficit disordered poopy-pants. Figured it out / WP has advanced since last time.
  • 20:07:31: I've seriously been accomplishing all kinds of things. Just not done with them or for other reasons can't share them. SOMEDAY SOON . . .
  • 21:21:55: Dear person: WHY NOT TELL US AHEAD OF TIME that if you're file is over 2 MB it won't work? Feeling SOL.
  • 22:14:21: Sweet JESUS, I do not know how to do this command line shit. Trying to use python to run the blogger2wordpress app locally.
  • 22:25:43: In way over my head with my ugly-concentration-face on. I don't want this anymore.
  • 22:43:05: Yay! Finally found the solution(s). Glad I didn't put off this ordeal and will be able to move on to simpler things. And @DeliaTS is home!

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