Sunday, August 16, 2009

From Twitter 08-15-2009

  • 01:52:02: If I added up all the time I've spent browsing, researching & sometimes even testing wordpress themes that I'll never use or that don't work
  • 10:21:19: I know, my life is weird; the only day this week we set an alarm to wake up was today (Saturday). Have to make signs for a protest.
  • 15:40:22: We're back home . . . and I might just need to take a nap.
  • 16:26:39: I love having an excuse to stand on the side of the road waving at people & talk about politics with strangers. SO RAD!!
  • 16:29:08: I know I should try to look cute on our spycams and get some work done, but I'm sitting here failing miserably on both counts.
  • 19:39:32: Getting way too horny snagging stills images from my nerdy blowjob / cum-on-glasses video.
  • 21:21:23: Orange thing in the sky either a UFO or maybe a meteorite? Gotta go!
  • 22:30:17: Called 911 and we're not crazy, but apparently whatever it was was small enough our local police were able to "pick it up". Hmmm.
  • 22:47:40: @boontdustie No, I think it's been identified now, but the 911 operator didn't know what it was herself; she made it sound like no big deal.
  • 23:03:49: Now that the UFO thing is sorted, we can go back to talking about how we think our phone line is tapped. I wish I were joking.
  • 23:50:51: @boontdustie No - is it about a crazy woman who does phone sex, believes her calls are being recorded & sees orange orbs traveling the sky?
  • 23:51:18: I meant to say "traversing".

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