Wednesday, August 19, 2009

From Twitter 08-18-2009

  • 10:18:00: Just woke up and everything seems okay after our server was moved; let me know if you notice anything wacky with our sites, though!
  • 10:31:28: Just want to say a big THANK YOU to @NakedHosting for everything you do for us & our members and fans!
  • 11:56:45: Brain whirling; trying to figure out what to do first, like right now. Many irons in fire. Going to try to do an outdoor @DeliaTS shoot.
  • 14:50:39: Learning/playing with a new (to me) piece of software . . . tell you about it later if I eventually make it work for us.
  • 15:19:53: FYI: this software experimentation isn't a distraction, it's possibly going to make (some of) the stuff we're now working on easier.
  • 20:17:03: Just got home from shooting some sweet summer pics of @DeliaTS outside by our favorite old apple tree. Hungry now!

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