Friday, May 29, 2009

My Life Yesterday, in Posts of 140 Characters or Less

  • 11:24 @ms_bbwliz If I brought up FITA during #amazonfail it was only to point out inconsistencies; I would defend books w/those themes to death. #
  • 11:29 @ms_bbwliz And thank YOU because I just learned a valuable lesson about coming across exactly like the people who bug the shit out of me. ;) #
  • 14:27 Post-shower. Hair dry as a scarecrow's even though I consistently seem unable to completely rinse conditioner out of hair behind right ear. #
  • 15:09 ROCKS. I LOVE how WA celebrates & shares progress on bridge building. Beautiful. #
  • 19:03 Been amusing myself writing a story for members that's only half done & already 3 times longer than I wanted the finished story to be. #
  • 19:04 By the way, that's not a good thing. I'm a rank fucking amateur. But it *is* fun & delightful for *me*! Members may not agree, though. #
  • 22:43 Phew! New vlog, Heat Rash Romance Gallery & The Panty Phantom story Part I posted for members. #
  • 23:08 Oh my god I'm a dork. Just got a pang of heartache seeing facebook friend request & note from one of my Mormon high school crushes. #
  • 23:10 Oh no. Oh NOOOOOOOOO. {moaning because he looks so cute in his thumbnail}. Do not want to find out that he's married & still Mormon. #
  • 23:19 I feel so old & so distanced from everybody. Not that I want to be closer exactly, it just feels weird, comparing where/who I am to THEM. #
  • 23:54 It's hard enough to tell straight people you're a pornographer without having to admit to being an UNSUCCESSFUL pornographer. #
  • 23:56 I don't have a pool, McMansion, bimbos humping me when I snap my fingers or ready handfuls of cash. I don't even have a Brazilian wax. #
  • 00:30 I need to stop sitting in front of the computer feeling pathetic. Instead I should take a carton of ice cream to bed & feel pathetic there. #
  • 01:41 @amberlily Me too! And then we could also eat all night with any kind of food we wanted courtesy of the replicators. #
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