Sunday, September 12, 2010

From Twitter 09-11-2010

  • 09:18:05: @heathercorinna So "funny" to hear unschooling talked about as a NEW movement. I think I first heard that word in '91 or before, right?
  • 09:55:08: Really nervous about GoDaddy being up for auction:
  • 12:01:08: Getting some toys ready for my webcam show at the top of the hour. Members go to to watch/hear/chat!
  • 14:04:54: I worked up quite an appetite masturbating and showing off in my group show just now . . . looking forward to lunch then private shows?
  • 14:57:20: I'm #reading A Red Death by Walter Mosley
  • 15:27:47: Brilliant. Cable is down in the middle of @DeliaTS show. Calling fuckers now.
  • 15:35:29: RT @spyonus: @DeliaTS is trying to log in and finish her show via our bedroom machine on the dsl. Cable co. pissing me right the fuck off.
  • 16:04:50: Sorry to say we're canceling members-only chat today because the cable doesn't seem to be coming back up any time soon. :(
  • 16:59:38: @heathercorinna Ohhh, yeah -- HOLT! I don't know about Summerhill . . . I kind of miss learning about all that stuff. KIND OF!
  • 19:37:10: We left home while our cable was down. Now we're back and it's back up . . . getting all of our spycams logged in again now.
  • 19:39:55: Our town is swollen with 1000's of sailors!
  • 19:52:58: @heathercorinna Thanks for the recs; added them to my "to-read" list on
  • 20:57:59: Turning on the blues on KPLU to do some dishes!! That is the apex of our hot Saturday night 'round here.

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