Saturday, September 11, 2010

From Twitter 09-10-2010

  • 10:01:38: Hmmmm... The girl in the big house is home/not at work it seems. I guess I won't test the bass in these new speakers then.
  • 10:23:37: Sweats pulled down, vibrator poised over panties . . . Switched it on just aching for the buzz only to discover it's unplugged.
  • 12:30:32: It's amazing how long a child can keep up a very loud impression of a siren.
  • 12:57:26: My girlfriend @DeliaTS is a webwhore MACHINE!
  • 15:42:07: I'm clutching my biscuit with swagger right now. Well, I was until I decided to use both hands to tweet about it.
  • 17:35:10: We're doing shows tonight! @DeliaTS at the top of the hour, mine a little later. Members go here to join in:
  • 17:38:07: Now to move a Very Large Spider out of the tub so I can shave. Or maybe it's time to grow my pit hair out again.
  • 21:26:47: Won't be on long so catch my chubby loveliness stuffed in a corselette!
  • 21:50:21: Thanks for the RT, @streamate !
  • 21:54:52: You have a purple corselette like this one or a purple jackhammer jesus, @roxxiecyber ?

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