Wednesday, July 28, 2010

From Twitter 07-27-2010

  • 00:09:58: The past couple of hours I've tried to prevent myself from typing this, but can't fight it any longer: I feel depressed tonight. Boo.
  • 10:02:04: I love it when guys who were members of my site years ago rejoin years later. They remember me & still want to jack off to me! That is nice!
  • 10:08:54: @SabrinaMorgan Thank you - that means a lot to me and alleviates some of my sad. I'm very glad #desireealliance is a success w/good energy!
  • 10:50:09: Been working with @DeliaTS on putting together outfits to shoot her in tonight for her first new-boobs photo sets.
  • 11:25:31: Why do I procrastinate on stretching when it makes me feel so good in so many ways?
  • 11:35:52: Fuck your shitty "journalism" @seattleweekly Brent Magarrell Charged With Raping 16-Year-Old Girl on Her Bday:
  • 11:44:25: Totally @Elligirl - @seattleweekly has become tasteless & stupid (to put it mildly) in attempts to be "edgy" to compete w/ The Stranger.
  • 13:32:15: Sitting in a stranger's home waiting for a massage therapist I've never seen before. Where the fuck is she?
  • 15:37:23: I really dislike dudes who lose their sense of humor when their penises harden (if they had 1 in the 1st place). Lighten up: IT'S A BONER!
  • 15:39:38: Oh, but my massage was GREAT & worth the wait/mix-up. Plus I got 2 hugs!! First good massage I've had since March. My body LOVED it!
  • 17:05:15: 4 of 5 stars to On Subbing by Dave Roche
  • 17:54:51: I'm dire need of sleep reclamation, but I don't WANNA take a nap (& can't concentrate on work). Reading Fledgling (RAD!) by Octavia Butler.
  • 17:56:15: Come now @stripperhusband! The little woman & @rollertrain can attest to the fact I've never posted any of my poop pics online! Yet...
  • 18:10:35: Oh well. It's bill-paying day so I'll take care of all of that nonsense & maybe pursue that nap afterwards.
  • 22:36:23: @stripperhusband maybe @rollertrain & I should have an artistic poop-off or perhaps a collaborative photo blog with additional contributors.
  • 22:51:36: Incisions aren't healed yet, but when @DeliaTS took off her tie-front top and was all naked-like while shooting it looked REALLY DELICIOUS!

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