Tuesday, July 27, 2010

From Twitter 07-26-2010

  • 03:18:14: We lucked into an awesome koto performance. So beautiful! http://twitpic.com/28ti84
  • 11:37:39: Yes, I am kind of sad I'm not at the #desireealliance conference.
  • 14:37:04: Blueberries are so so so so SO awesome! We bought a flat of them last night and they make me feel so comforted & well-treated by the world.
  • 15:21:37: Contemplating changing our relationship status on my civilian FB profile to "in an open relationship". Interesting to consider definitions.
  • 15:24:09: How many people subscribe to other people's twitter feeds in an RSS reader rather than (or in addition to) following them? I do sometimes.
  • 20:43:42: I am going to unveil a contest soon on my site to try to get guys to record more self-shot jack-off videos for me to enjoy. Need new ones!
  • 21:02:56: CLASSIC= vid a guy shot of himself slowly jerking off with romanti-foreplay music playing & firelight shadows flickering on wall behind him.
  • 21:18:56: RT @BradSabbath: Vitaminwater Isn't Healthy, Rules Federal Judge - The Consumerist http://bit.ly/cFdYaE
  • 21:32:32: Sometimes it feels really awesome to just pee all over my hand.
  • 21:33:47: Weird. Why is my pee turning my fingers numb? This is like a freaky science fiction golden shower porn movie book!!

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