Tuesday, July 6, 2010

From Twitter 07-05-2010

  • 10:45:21: Lovely overcast, damp morning with a doe and her spotted fawn mowing our lawn in frantic-mouthed nibbles.
  • 11:30:13: I gained five pounds in SF. Every last one of them, apparently, in my gut. The unusual part is it didn't bloat my face out this time.
  • 13:53:31: Latest update from @DeliaTS = her Red, White & Spooge Vid: http://trixieandfriends.com/2010/07/red-white-and-spooge-video/
  • 15:14:39: Going to hit the shower now in order to try out a new (for me, but well established) camsite. I *might* give you a link later. MAYBE!
  • 20:05:12: After about 3 hours the jury is still out on whether or not a certain camsite I signed up for this weekend is for me.
  • 20:06:26: I'll have to test it more when I'm able to do private shows / am not having my period (their rules expressly forbid menstrual shows).
  • 20:09:52: Wait, I was only logged in 2 hours. So $$ not bad. Ego bruised from my poor "CamScore" & relatively low # of viewers, though.
  • 21:21:20: LOL @jayhafe - thanks! I think I might log back in after we eat some dinner. Mwah!
  • 22:21:01: Hmm . . . I'm super sleepy. Trying to decide if I should keep on my makeup & cam some more after dinner or just pack it in for the evening.
  • 23:02:02: I *want* to cam more, but it's smarter to do some stretching & hit the sack now for earlier start tomorrow. Maybe @DeliaTS & I will fuck?

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