Monday, July 5, 2010

From Twitter 07-04-2010

  • 00:19:51: It's hard to resist the siren song of sleeping pills. Last night I took a benadryl on top of half an ambien: HEAVEN w/Wodehouse & noodles.
  • 00:22:00: Wishing @minasmusings & Joe blessings, fast healing & money to see you through Joe's cancer & tonight's scary-sounding hospital trip.
  • 12:55:38: Been researching & signing up to a few different camsites. One g-rated lifecasting to bring back audio at times, one free but naughty, etc.
  • 12:56:02: So yeah, members stay tuned for more information, links, embeds, etc.
  • 13:51:53: Made some useful (though not very pretty) additions & edits to our members-only spycam portal:
  • 15:39:32: It's hilarious how "adult webmasters" do not GET camgirl culture or camsites that are awesome, but don't pay big bounties.
  • 16:48:19: Getting ready to do some exercise on the parlor cam, members: First I have to stick a tampon in it, though.
  • 19:57:12: Gooooooooo! I've spent hours creating profiles on camsites today & jumping through the hoops but haven't hide time to get sexy & log in!
  • 21:03:19: Setting off my own 4th of July explosions. Using gas. In my pants. Looking forward to something a little more colorful soon . . .
  • 21:05:27: On the West Coast (west coast?) it's always weird to see fireworks pics from those farther (further?) East (east?).
  • 22:31:23: Fireworks are awesome! And people? People are assholes, god love 'em.

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