Wednesday, June 16, 2010

From Twitter 06-15-2010

  • 15:02:41: Washing clothes, paying bills, tying up loose ends & prepping to run errands for our departure tomorrow. @DeliaTS gets boobs on Friday!
  • 15:14:51: Fresh load of fancy panties out of the washer. Now to string them up to dry delicately dangling from door knobs.
  • 15:15:19: And drawer pulls. For more sexy wet panty alliteration.
  • 18:23:32: Coming up with really dumb brainstorms for why our bitch-ass neighbor's new bf feels compelled to wave at us all friendly-like.
  • 18:29:11: That's certainly one possibility, @YQuiet , and a favorite hypothesis. Surprised the crazy chick doesn't punch him for it, though.
  • 21:46:21: Not sexy/fun = trying to remove detachable garters from corsetry, girdles, etc. Almost always a time-consuming nightmare. Like pill bottles.
  • 21:49:34: Yes, we're trying to shoot some last naughty video of me playing with @DeliaTS small hormone titties before they're augmented.
  • 22:57:24: God it's fucking embarrassing how hard I get off on kinky mommy role plays. My pussy is drenched right now. Fortunately I came twice.
  • 23:49:08: I love when Unhappy Hipsters makes me laugh (the less sophisticated, the more I LOL).
  • 23:52:37: I should write a blog entry about how I feel like the rare supposedly sex-positive person to admit to feeling sex shame. Oxymoron?

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