Tuesday, June 1, 2010

From Twitter 05-31-2010

  • 10:36:40: I've got a mouth full of B Vitamins and a pocket full of . . . kryptonite? No, SHELLS! I'm a badass dork this morning.
  • 10:55:33: A lot of people seem to be having trouble with their email accounts getting hacked & spam sent out. Anyone else noticing that?
  • 12:00:40: The Memorial Day blog entry I have drafted is now about three years overdue. With pics! Maybe next year?
  • 12:52:02: @LadyErisiana Ahhhhh . . gotcha. I didn't look closely enough to see where they were really coming from. Sucks!
  • 12:54:46: Oh dear GOD clips4sale admin, why must you be so EXCRUCIATINGLY, mind-bendingly SLOW?!?!?
  • 13:18:38: Since I'm stymied by the slowness of that site's admin, going to get some exercise on the parlor spycam in sports bra & bikini panties.
  • 19:09:19: Phew! Finished editing & encoding Jiggle-Fuck Redux video . . . it's uploading now. Natural boob lovers will enjoy whacking to this one.
  • 21:37:53: Taking a break for dinner, then I hope I'll be up enough to come back to my desk & get this new vlog and video posted for members to watch!
  • 22:56:36: Shudder . . . my little sis is so excited about being one step closer to some crazy-ass dangerous int'l disaster nursing job. SCARY.
  • 23:44:46: Phew! Members: the new porn video and chatty vlog post are now READY for you to LOL at or blow a load over or, you know. ENJOY!

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