Saturday, May 8, 2010

From Twitter 05-07-2010

  • 10:46:53: Love it when my little housewifey @DeliaTS is in the kitchen doing housework while I enjoy a lazy morning in bed with a book. It's so RIGHT!
  • 11:05:30: I'm actually out of bed now, though, and contributing to the household so don't kick me for being a female chauvinist pig.
  • 12:19:38: Both moving and funny: RT @Halcyon: Mom & I did a Mother's Day "Young Me-Now Me:"
  • 12:22:54: OMG - rad! That just brought me to this post with pre & post transition Jennifer Finney Boylan:
  • 12:58:08: My period is working on starting today . . . right in time for my webcam shows tonight and tomorrow. Must rethink my schedule next month.
  • 13:33:09: Fucking filters! Really fucked up: RT @SequoiaRedd: I can't get to my blog because its been classified in the porn category. ugh!
  • 13:34:03: So yeah, I did just enjoy a little private time with our nearly-imbalanced, wildly jumping & vibrating washing machine on spin cycle.
  • 13:50:45: Giving myself a rare caffeine treat; will either make me fall fast asleep or help me concentrate (or both).
  • 15:31:41: Three pretty pictures I just shot:
  • 16:15:12: Poor @DeliaTS. I just made a long, snaking poo in the toilet in the same bathroom where she was trying to luxuriate in the bath.
  • 16:21:56: RT @BloodyTrixie: My period just started. I took pictures of the "first blood" from my post-pee wipe. Who knows when I will post them th ...
  • 18:18:21: I'm going to reset our modem & router & keep SOME of our spycams logged out during our webcam shows to speed our broadcasts.
  • 18:48:48: @xmandymitchellx I'm glad you didn't break up with twitter completely. Not happy that you were bawling, but (can't fit in 140 characters).
  • 18:49:33: Okey dokey . . . @DeliaTS is about to do her webcam show and I'm about to snack & clean up before mine (which is after hers).
  • 21:21:10: Thanks @curiousboyCA ! We have a Nikon D300. No exciting lenses or other equipment though. Someday!
  • 21:51:53: There's nothing like following a hitachi-induced orgasm with an episode of Star Trek: Voyager in which Sarah Silverman is a guest star.
  • 22:00:02: Would I recommend a Nikon D300 to a beginner? @curiousboyCA Hmmm . . . it all depends on what you can afford & how serious you are I guess.

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