Friday, May 7, 2010

From Twitter 05-06-2010

  • 00:16:31: Fuck it. I'm going to the store for some pudding. The bulk-forming laxative I took earlier better be ready to go into EFFECT when I return.
  • 01:04:02: Having voyeuristic dirty-old-man feelings witnessing @BuckAngel & @AaliyahLove69 flirting (congrats on the best of barely legal, btw).
  • 10:31:22: In case you didn't know already, @DeliaTS is getting bigger boobs ... and I'm excited about it:
  • 11:19:44: Oops; I just noticed that I must've accidentally took down the link to our "extras" on our spycam page. I'll have to fix that; remind me?
  • 11:59:55: Now that our dog is dead the neighbor's cat is claiming our entire yard as his private hunting grounds to stalk & survey. Poor birds!
  • 13:14:48: Hmmmm . . . is it my imagination or am I not getting notified anymore when someone retweets me?
  • 14:21:01: Making lunch after doing the pesky task of filing three months of bills trying to figure out why @DeliaTS IRS balance went up stead of down.
  • 18:56:33: Going out for more low-tech guerrilla light source equipment stuff to do some experimental shooting, tonight I hope.
  • 21:33:29: Just got home from shooting pictures in bunkers and actually had fun not worrying about trying to shoot a billion pics.

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