Friday, April 9, 2010

My Life Yesterday, in Posts of 140 Characters or Less

  • 07:28 We've been having crazy wind since last night. Even with earplugs in & a sound machine playing I can hear it trying to rip off the roof. #
  • 12:16 I have the timer set to spend at least an hour on stuff for - yes, way overdue for @undressjess at Phoenix Forum. #
  • 13:19 To write this up thoroughly it's going to take me at least 2 more hours. Need to take a break away from computer for some exercise. #
  • 18:06 Aleve and taking a nap didn't make this headache I've had since last night go away. Going to try coffee; going to be hard to shoot w/it. #
  • 18:12 Have y ou ever woke up from a nap & looked outside to see a shockingly vivid different season, like entering a Twilight Zone Summerland? #
  • 18:37 Sometimes I make mistakes singing. Like, "It's Bittersweet! Both beet and switter . . . switter and beet! #
  • 20:46 @rayh48 Yes, I don't like to advertise being on MFP. No advice to offer on getting into adult movies, but glad you're enjoying our cams! #
  • 20:47 OMG @DeliaTS looks gorgeous; getting ready to shoot a couple sets of pics of her and a video. Hope brain doesn't explode. Camera wink kills. #
  • 23:16 Yay! Shot a couple of hot sets & a creamy video of @De liaTS in different kinds of black hosiery, costume, etc. Now for dinner! #
These were chunks of my life yesterday as posted on my twitter page, automatically shipped by LoudTwitter

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