Saturday, April 10, 2010

From Twitter 04-09-2010

  • 11:20:12: I love watching @DeliaTS standing outside contemplating the progress of the apple tree's growth and blossoming.
  • 12:19:50: Been very teary-eyed/choked-up just from discussing (again) potential plans for our dog's exit. Makes me think of when my dad died.
  • 12:39:50: Our dog is just old & falling over when she tries to poop, etc. Nothing big/new, I just posted in case people saw me crying on our spycams.
  • 12:41:00: In more uplifting news, @DeliaTS just got some viagra in the mail. We've never tried it before so that might be interesting/fun.
  • 12:49:20: Also uplifting: our power bills getting lower each month. This is how we recognize the change of seasons in the modern world.
  • 13:48:40: We need to take a couple of days off. And eat every single meal here: FUCKING KILLER YUMMY!!!
  • 15:46:59: Benefit of living on the edge of country: hot, sly-smiling mother-daughter duo walk into restaurant with glossy hair & mud-encrusted boots.
  • 17:52:49: Uh-oh . . . I have a show to do in 2 hours which means I have to get into the bathtub and shave my action areas.
  • 19:16:19: You CAN see my show by joining my site, @rayh48: then go to as a member.
  • 19:47:35: omg fucking main connection down right in mid of delia's show. Might have to make mine low fi softcore on our dsl in room not set up right.
  • 20:58:25: Ahhhh, @UndressJess thank you! Kisses to you & I think I got that thing fixed right. Call me if anything else!
  • 21:09:50: Our cable loss was your show gain: wound up giving @DeliaTS a sloppy blowjob during my show! Hope you saw it. Our cable's back up now too.
  • 21:56:53: I am "dressed" to go to the store for junkfood looking crazier than a shithouse rat. My brain just needs to keep eating to calm down tonight
  • 21:59:00: I get the feeling there's cat hair on these furry boots my mom gave me. Immediate itchy-face & yucky-lungs & twitchy-nose.
  • 22:54:42: Sometimes I get big kick out of making teenagers laugh at me in public.

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