Monday, April 19, 2010

From Twitter 04-18-2010

  • 00:44:30: @greenguy89 I am now making dorky faces at you and awaiting your reply . . .
  • 00:49:21: @greenguy89 LOL -- they probably disconnected me for not logging in properly -- next time do members-only chat & you can post whatever uwant
  • 01:37:23: @greenguy89 OMG you're cracking me up . . . I'm slow on the uptake though, not being at my desk. She's done for the night.
  • 01:39:16: @greenguy89 We're going to watch Twin Peaks & cuddle . . . but maybe on my "day off" tomorrow I'll be sexually invigorated!
  • 01:40:09: Okey dokey artichokeys, I've got a candle lit, space music playing, and am ready for a nocturnal journey of the mind . . .
  • 11:09:39: I agree! RT @minasmusings: @radmul - Great capture sweetie xoxoxoxxo
  • 11:10:26: The weather is perfect and beautiful: mildly warm and springy for a day off, so why am I struggling with the concept?
  • 13:45:36: Dear Nate's Meatless Meatballs: what planet of morons do you live on where three measly meatballs equal a whole fucking serving??
  • 13:49:50: @hopeinwa They're of an average ball size . . . not giant or even "substantially sized", but not tiny either.
  • 13:56:11: LOL - RT @NickyJay: @tastytrixie perhaps a planet where they serve a food that has 'meat' in the name, but it is actually meatless.
  • 21:47:25: I'm now very excited about taking a long, hot bath. Okay, it might not be super long, but definitely HOT!!

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