Saturday, April 17, 2010

From Twitter 04-16-2010

  • 09:58:18: My entire pelvic area is swollen and in some pain from having unresolved sex dreams.
  • 12:33:21: Huh . . . I wonder why my pussy looks like it has vitiligo in some of these pics I'm editing. Weird pigmentless patches. Not hot.
  • 12:33:47: Also, I'm really amazed that foot-long went down without a fuss in one flush.
  • 12:44:34: RT @DeliaTS: Feeling frustrated by the quality of this video and not having the funds to upgrade our camcorder right now.
  • 12:45:58: RT @EssinEm: Am very amused by this:
  • 12:54:22: I am laughing so hard I'm drooling at this: Those Catalans & their shit sculptures!
  • 14:36:03: Just got back from running errands, totally horny over practically every man and woman I saw. Spring fiver?
  • 14:37:09: Oops! Make that spring FEVER, not spring FIVER!!! LOLOLOLOLOL!!! Spring tweaker! Tweeter? Fuuuuuuck I want a nap!
  • 14:48:18: I have a headache trying to sneak up on my brain. Going to try to kill it with a dark room, coffee and a nap perhaps. Sucks!!
  • 14:58:15: Sometimes I feel ashamed when I'm sick so often. Like only pussies & hypochondriacs & Women With Issues are afflicted this way.
  • 15:01:15: re: previous tweet: I know this isn't true but the stereotypes are interesting when it comes to health, especially women's health.
  • 16:40:53: Been working on a WP theme/layout/design for my new members-only vlog/blog (because Blogger is taking away FTP so I *have* to). Looks cool!
  • 16:47:57: I wonder if bands hate the word "encore" in the same way camgirls do . . . I guess we need refractory period more than musicians.
  • 17:15:47: Jaysus! Another soft serve poop?!? Smells exactly like thick tar on a hot brown roof . . .
  • 17:45:32: I've never installed wordpress in a members-only area before . . . hoping there are no tricks to it that I'm unprepared to deal with.
  • 22:32:24: I am about three steps away from members-only update/new stuff coolness when our connection becomes scatty, to put it nicely. Cams up/down.
  • 23:03:33: Our connection is back up to speed and with it, the downed cams logged back in. Must get ready for bed soon . . .

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