Tuesday, April 13, 2010

From Twitter 04-12-2010

  • 10:45:28: I didn't particularly enjoy dreaming all night long about how best to format a new vlog WP theme for members, flash players, etc.
  • 10:51:47: Sigh. Something weird going on with our members-only areas; keeps prompting us for our logins over and over.
  • 11:05:09: LOL -- it's because our login I made for us to get into our sites finally expired! I shouldn't ever open my mouth in the morning.
  • 11:18:26: Thank you @nakedhosting for being so patient and gentle with me when I sometimes call you in a lather because I'm a dumb ass.
  • 14:31:12: Yay for a random check in the mail that means we can take a night off away from home tomorrow!
  • 14:51:43: OMG -- awesome; Rude updated the live house broadcaster & the quality is much improved! Members go here: http://tinyurl.com/spyonus
  • 15:04:24: @minasmusings Yeah! Still no full screen or sound, but definitely a noticeable improvement.
  • 15:05:37: OMG how hot is my girlfriend with her massive cock?!? Sample videos: http://twt.tl/7J3BblR in bodystocking & pvc.
  • 19:23:38: Just came back from a long picture-taking / camera-romance walk. Reminded myself how to use the timer for self-portraits. Duh!
  • 23:28:58: Awesome. Blue screen of death AGAIN on our main spycam machine. Shit oh dear. One step forward, blue steps back.

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