Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Life Yesterday, in Posts of 140 Characters or Less

  • 09:22 It feels like I'm about to make up for the poop I never had yesterday. #
  • 10:35 Vote for RIVER for witch next door on (easy registration, cool site - glad hobostripper introduced us to it). #
  • 12:15 Hooray for Saturday morning poop #2! I am officially all caught up in that department. #
  • 12:25 I've got a webcam show coming up at the top of the hour: Members go here & click the Rude link: #
  • 15:10 - I was angling to attract c ertain MILFy role plays in this cam outfit today. #
  • 19:27 About to head to the store to pick up junk foods to make my gut even more disproportionate relative to my legs. My bod is pure comedy! #
  • 20:30 I'd tell you that our dog shit in the house again except that would be three poop tweets in one day. Hope sensitivos are out for tonight. #
  • 23:02 Looking at older pics of myself like this one: You just don't appreciate your skinny-ass legs until they're gone. #
  • 23:23 Ah straight facebook account with weird stepfamily class & ethnicity issue vibes and memories of child molestation. So fucking confusin g. #
  • 23:29 @bellabellini Ahhh, hugs to you - I hear you. (Also wanted to mention that I do not use wp as a cms in our members areas so far). #
  • 23:32 @Toni_KatVixen I use wp on the free area of TT, but in all of our members areas we do not have a cms -- just all manual home designed stuff. #
  • 23:33 @Toni_KatVixen We do use Arles to build our galleries though & I might start using wordpress for some special member stuff. All manual otw. #
  • 23:36 @Toni_KatVixen Y eah, I think wp as a cms can work; I need to make some major changes to my wp-blog-as-front-page though. BONER KILLER. #
  • 23:49 OH GOD AWESOME!!!! More random dog diarrhea slopped in our house!! She doesn't even let us know or know herself she needs to go OUTSIDE. #
  • 00:17 It's surprisingly hard to get makeup tips for blue eyed blondes; our eyes & features are usually smaller than brown-eyed brunettes so DIFF. #
  • 02:01 @UndressJess Oh you cutie pie! I only wish I'd have known ahead of time that the Trixie from Speed Racer was also Trixie Fontaine. <Mistake. #
  • 02:06 Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand at two in t he morning we discovered indoor dog diarrhea puddle #3 for the day. I hope this trend doesn't continue tomorrow. #
  • 02:11 I hate when people who steal my content select the WORST of my photos to spread all around the interwebs to represent me. DOUBLY FUCKED. #
These were chunks of my life yesterday as posted on my twitter page, automatically shipped by LoudTwitter

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