Monday, March 29, 2010

From Twitter 03-28-2010

  • 00:17:36: It's surprisingly hard to get makeup tips for blue eyed blondes; our eyes & features are usually smaller than brown-eyed brunettes so DIFF.
  • 02:01:28: @UndressJess Oh you cutie pie! I only wish I'd have known ahead of time that the Trixie from Speed Racer was also Trixie Fontaine. <Mistake.
  • 02:06:25: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand at two in the morning we discovered indoor dog diarrhea puddle #3 for the day. I hope this trend doesn't continue tomorrow.
  • 02:11:29: I hate when people who steal my content select the WORST of my photos to spread all around the interwebs to represent me. DOUBLY FUCKED.
  • 09:31:59: LOL RT @UndressJess: @tastytrixie So I'd feel weird being like, "Um yeah my name is UndressJess". It's like saying my name is "Ride A Bike"
  • 13:52:04: @reptilegrrl Since it's only the 2nd bout she's had in months & we can't afford to do anything/she's too old if it IS something bad, so no.
  • 13:53:17: @reptilegrrl Also, she's better this morning/today. She really only has one or two trips to the vet left in her life @her age/mobilitylevel.
  • 13:55:42: I'm way overdue for some cardiocising or whatever you call it. Could use fresh air, but instead doing indoors, bottomless, for spycam value.
  • 15:04:16: @reptilegrrl We've talked to our vet a couple of times about pain mgmt & they haven't helped so far; have to take her in for shots soon tho.
  • 15:05:33: @reptilegrrl We did do the cortisone, though, but won't do it again. She is still in good spirits so that is a big impact on our approach.
  • 15:52:35: Heating up my favorite easy lunch: meatless mushroom meatballs in masala sauce with hot greasy tortillas.
  • 16:11:56: Brewing chai & queuing up Fargo to watch with lunch. I might have to drop off into a nap, too. But not while I'm eating. Maybe after.
  • 21:50:25: Okay yeah I did just masturbate to this video again:
  • 22:23:22: Yeesh! This wind has been crazy since last night: I can't wait for @DeliaTS to get home safe.
  • 22:25:29: I can't wait for @DeliaTS to get home safe. Kinda want to stay up all night w/ full moon &wind.
  • 23:17:05: There's no doubt about it: kombucha makes my legs drunk.

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