Sunday, November 8, 2009

From Twitter 11-07-2009

  • 00:11:20: Ahhhh . . . just had beautiful sweet wet soft sex after beginning to watch "Look Back in Anger". Can you see that movie as a turn-on?
  • 10:34:21: Poor @DeliaTS is not going to like this since she's still sleeping, but I need back in bed to eat my tea & lara bar otherwise bad day start.
  • 12:36:52: Whoah! This is almost a real Saturday -- I crawled back into bed with @DeliaTS, we watched some tv, & I fell back to sleep w/orgasm dreams.
  • 13:18:54: More people should follow you, @Volfie99 . Not that you asked, but you have a more-than-decent twitter feed.
  • 13:40:38: @Volfie99 Gotcha - so you use Twitter to update your FB feed? I do that too - very convenient.
  • 15:46:54: Just got some belated bday presents for my mom & grandma; we're celebrating an early Thanksgiving/late birthdays tomorrow.
  • 17:21:21: Reading @DeliaTS post about painful erections: It kind of makes me horny because I'm an asshole/freak.
  • 18:19:44: I wish the guys who want to shoot with @DeliaTS would be a) 6'4", b) indicate they live near us, & c) would be guaranteed reliable.
  • 18:25:00: @FL_StevieD LOL - actually, the real dealbreaker w/ YOU is that your head is made of black construction paper with a white cap atop it.
  • 19:18:18: I feel lovely after stretching by candlelight with new age spaceship music playing. Rolled around on all different sizes of balls.
  • 19:32:37: Getting ready to go somewhere. As usual, I look like complete shit! But I love it. All I care about is comfort when out for pleasure.
  • 22:32:45: @Elligirl OMG - content thieves & fakes are such douchebags. Good luck with getting that taken care of (I don't know any MM people).
  • 22:35:16: Just got home from seeing "Coco before Chanel". Sexy, French . . . mildly depressing in that "I'll just smoke it off" detached way.
  • 22:38:25: @Elligirl And how dumb are they that they described your hair color as "brown"? The profile pic is fucking gorgeous, by the way, though.
  • 23:25:22: Having an early Thanksgiving & belated bday thing tomorrow with family. One of those days I wish I could drink myself into a fucking stupor.
  • 23:35:28: Coincidence: we JUST got Thumbsucker from Netflix: RT @JenofJENnDAVE: Blog Post:
  • 23:46:37: Seeing an ad on FB for "Steven Seagal: Lawman" series on A&E. Don't hate me for longing to watch it, okay? Good thing we slashed channels.
  • 23:51:06: TRUE: RT @Literatrix I'm beginning to "see the light" re. Twitter Lists. I'm going do it very soon. Only not yet. It will be a lot of work

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