Wednesday, November 4, 2009

From Twitter 11-03-2009

  • 10:37:57: I'm totally awake! Even though my sleep was interrupted by violent gastrointestinal distress! Yay me!
  • 12:25:51: I believe it's now time to get some exercise, not just for our sakes but for our dog's.
  • 14:40:45: Supernanny is the scariest tv show in the world. I cannot believe how scary some of those parents are & how they destroy their kids.
  • 14:49:54: So far today we've made more sales to other people's sites than to our own. Makes me wonder sometimes.
  • 14:56:57: via @heathercorinna - "great blog piece on poor approaches to intersex genitals":
  • 14:59:24: Did I forget to mention putting together the free shapewear (corsets & girdles) pics page up last night?
  • 15:20:53: An important note to my fellow Washingtonians on election day: PLEASE FUCK OFF AND DIE TIM EYMAN!!!
  • 17:12:04: RT @swopusa: Spread Magazine needs your financial help to get the next issue out the door:
  • 17:34:46: Right now I'm just trying to stay awake but I did get some broken stuff fixed on the blog. Not sure redesign is working, though. Sales-wise.
  • 18:52:41: Wish I could find a real copy/source of this live version of Mandolin Rain I found on limewire years ago. Hated the song til I heard this.
  • 19:05:49: I realize I am now everything I never thought I'd be upon accepting I'd like to buy all of Bruce Hornsby's albums. I'm middle-aged pop-jazz.
  • 21:26:48: Going to slog away some more at these endless interview questions. Sending them tonight or early tomorrow regardless.

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