Sunday, October 25, 2009

From Twitter 10-24-2009

  • 01:04:18: RT @DeliaTS: Just finished shooting a set of @tastytrixie for Halloween. She was having some naughty fun with a feather duster ;-)
  • 01:05:21: There's a possibility @DeliaTS and I might get it on. All of that teasey camera fun, even silly Halloween stuff, makes us fidgety.
  • 01:27:58: Mmmmm . . . wet and juicy and so much fun!! I hope some people were awake and spying on us while we were getting it on.
  • 01:46:45: I have got such a good life. Such. A *fucking*. GOOD. LIFE!!
  • 10:57:55: Very excited about editing and posting one of the sets of pics we shot last night. Well, two of them, but @DeliaTS is in charge of one.
  • 11:01:30: Ooh! Someone who used to get shows with VenusSexGoddess posted a comment on what he liked about her camshows:
  • 11:23:51: Tearing up reading @AmberLily's post about one of their cats passing away: Losing pets is hard.
  • 12:24:17: Our main connection is down (cable) for our whole county with no idea when it'll be fixed so most of our cams are down. Just 2 up on SOY.
  • 13:14:48: Okey dokey -- our cable is back . . . and so are all of our cams! Back to pic editing.
  • 13:15:20: @evilchris Congrats & glad to hear you aren't giving up on boobies. I was worried when you mysteriously tweeted a career shift.
  • 13:19:57: I know this will piss some chicks off, but I'm not exactly happy about the way my labia majora look like a loose, mature, wrinkly ballsac.
  • 13:20:29: I mean, I understand that's pretty much what they are, but if I had the dough I'd seriously consider fat injections at this point.
  • 13:21:18: Note: I don't think this would be an issue for me if it weren't for selling pictures of my cooch or if I were sixty years old.
  • 14:04:03: Sometimes I get really pissed off at my sister's inability to a) help SCHEDULE family get-togethers, and b) actually fucking remember them.
  • 14:10:44: Re: Bodies: the exhibition: they sell tix by time - does this mean you're funneled through like a tour / can't look at your own leisure?
  • 14:12:45: @reptilegrrl Rad -- thank you so much for that info.
  • 15:10:16: Little tub of chub is getting up from the computer for some exercise in the crisp fall air. Good for me, and good for YOU!
  • 17:56:24: Walk was lovely, my members-only update is uploading, and we're about to eat deviled eggs!! Life is good.
  • 20:57:55: Am I the only person who can't spell "hemorrhoids" without consulting a dictionary?
  • 21:54:04: Some samples from the photo sets we're posting for members tonight & later:
  • 21:54:23: Yes, that's an EYEBALL in my cunt! Mwahahaha!!!
  • 22:34:05: If you want a couple more free preview pics of me in my PVC maid costume, click here:
  • 22:47:16: If I were smart, I'd go do some stretching right now. But if I were *lucky* I'd have a Thai massage artist to stretch me FOR me!

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