Friday, October 23, 2009

From Twitter 10-22-2009

  • 00:12:02: @EvilGrins Taking three huge dumps in one day doesn't indicate to me that I need *more* fiber in my diet! I only want 1 giant poop per diem.
  • 00:43:05: Trying so hard to finish part of this project but sitting on my ass is KILLING me. Too much time at the computer is ass-destroying!!!!!
  • 01:20:49: Moaned to @DeliaTS that I think I broke my asshole. She recommended I use her "splint".
  • 01:22:15: Wanted to shoot with a cool purple scarf outside, but ditched that idea; long scarfs make me look even shorter than I am. TOO HOBBIT!
  • 01:23:42: @stevencohmer No, not MY birthday -- it's @amberlily's birthday!
  • 03:07:36: So I guess we're getting ready to go to sleep or something . . .
  • 11:49:56: Feeling a little crazy, but mostly in a good way. Going to try to shoot & do one billeeyawn other little things today!
  • 12:46:22: Of Trixie and friends and @AmberLily's birthday, hard work & satin panties:
  • 12:49:43: Just asked @DeliaTS, "did I poop yet?" Her response: "I don't know - I haven't checked your tweets yet".
  • 14:12:30: For the rest of today I'm going to focus on my own shit and not worry about other people or try to manage their bullshit.
  • 14:15:33: Must go downtown to buy accessories for H'ween shoots. And get some lunch. I'm looking very sloppy with not enough sleep.
  • 17:26:55: Just got home . . . LOVE strolling downtown in the overcast fall when all the tourists are gone. Soooooooooooo sleepy now.
  • 19:17:08: Yay! Got my google voice account invitation! Looking forward to customizing voicemails, etc. for fans & special wankers. Or other?
  • 19:19:59: @bambidollface I *think* you go here & request an email. Mine took a couple of weeks: Good for a host of things.
  • 20:46:33: @bellabellini @icammodel I don't know. I'd say give it some time, see if she gets back in touch with me or someone else, etc.
  • 20:49:49: @icammodel I think what I just said: don't do it until someone has word from her that it's okay & an idea of how her situation is evolving.
  • 20:50:33: My opinion: @icammodel There are a number of ways people can support her right now that don't require making those decisions. Very simple.
  • 21:29:39: We're putting up Halloween decorations in two rooms in preparation for SPOOKY shoots! Most compliments of @AmberLily's stash of goodies.
  • 22:50:42: Just did some cardio & stretching. Still feeling a little crooked, but much better.

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