Tuesday, October 20, 2009

From Twitter 10-19-2009

  • 01:51:31: I guess if I sat down at the piano more than three times a year I would play better. I would have to play better to want to, though.
  • 02:08:47: It's late. We should go to sleep. But I really wish we had a giant jar of cold grape juice.
  • 02:23:09: I'm smiling right now because I love http://hobostripper.com aka http://ecowhore.com/intro
  • 12:16:49: Staying up until almost 4 in the morning didn't turn out to be the best thing to do. But not the WORST either.
  • 13:14:31: About to jump into the shower. I'd really enjoy this hygiene process a lot more if we had fancy bathrooms & maids to clean them.
  • 14:18:40: Getting ready for my show that starts at the top of the hour. A wee bit crampy. Trying to decide what to wear.
  • 16:12:43: After fucking my ass with one of my fave little hard-plastic toys, I'm ready for some chili and a nap. I love butt-assisted orgasms.
  • 18:03:44: @UndressJess Just spied on your cam to make sure you left. I really hope you're ok; when words get mixed up it's not a good sign.
  • 18:15:48: So so much stuff to do. And so so tired. I don't even know where to start.
  • 21:14:49: I'm getting things done! Hooray!! I want to edit a new promo vid, but not sure I have time to concentrate on it tonight.

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