Friday, August 14, 2009

From Twitter 08-13-2009

  • 12:05:48: Debating the pros and cons of @DeliaTS shooting hardcore with other people. In LA. Pro: HOT. Con: bareback.
  • 12:17:14: Don't worry, people. 140 characters to make people lose their minds doesn't reflect the thought going into it.
  • 13:25:04: Time to pay the bills, or carefully pick which ONES to pay . . . roving cam logged in for all the hot computer accounting action.
  • 15:26:42: Working on getting another outdoor gallery ready to post for members tonight. 192 pics is too many.
  • 15:27:42: My middle finger smells like it came out of someone's butt because I dipped it into a powdered cheese & milk mixture.
  • 20:10:51: I tried a different method for uploading and IT IS TAKING WAY TOO FUCKING LONG! Granted, it IS a lot of pics, but still . . .
  • 20:18:44: My suspicions that someone is badmouthing me are becoming confirmed. It's too bad people can't always see through other people's bullshit.
  • 22:23:59: I got way distracted by a couple of things at the computer; now I'm sweating and dehydrated and hungry. Need to get away from machine.
  • 23:12:43: IT guy from my job b4 webwhoring friended me on FB. He probably knows WAY too much about me; the days b4 I understood my shit wasn't private
  • 23:14:01: And yeah, I typed b4. Don't give me any shit for abbreviating. Hate when people don't forgive anything even with 140 character limits.
  • 23:16:15: Like, "OMG!! Someone paraphrased my tweet all wrong when they retweeted it! My reputation is ruined! My brilliant thoughts raped!" SHUT UP!

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