Thursday, August 13, 2009

From Twitter 08-12-2009

  • 01:33:47: If I can't sleep, I might as well go outside and enjoy the meteor shower. Woohoo!
  • 03:00:02: It's unpleasant when you google "balloon knot" pics hoping for tight wrinkly close-ups & get GAPING ASSHOLE pics. Ugh - NOT what I want.
  • 03:11:04: Uh-oh . . . I'm spotting because I decided to stop taking this pack of pills four days into it.
  • 09:52:11: I have bloody kissy thighs! Man, having two periods in the space of two weeks is shockingly refreshing! Still, Ihope it's a one time deal.
  • 10:15:02: Our dog is old and getting totally gimped up. It's hard to watch. Being a husky, she's a total trooper/non-whiner about it, but yeah.
  • 11:22:59: Do you remember where you were when Michael Jackson's hair caught on fire? I *almost* do . . . it's like it's right on the tip of my tongue.
  • 13:13:56: Another post inspired by the (not-true) Lady Gaga hermaphrodite rumors:
  • 15:22:54: Camgirl faqs: RT @AaliyahLove69 New Blog Posted at "Questions I get Asked A Lot!"
  • 15:39:52: Found @snacksandshit via @Weebeasty. Faves so far: LOLing 2 hard 2 go on.
  • 15:55:43: I'm sorry, but this is too fucking funny:
  • 16:34:29: I have become quite nauseated and headachey. Maybe from laughing too hard.
  • 17:59:39: I love how shitty I look today . . . I deserve it with this surprise period, though, and am enjoying every red hot moment of it.
  • 18:45:44: Did some stretching & am back at the machine working on . Won't you be happy when you won't hear me saying that anymore?
  • 19:03:12: @VulvaLoveLovely I couldn't hold out any longer and bought one of your beautiful vulva necklaces. Must get richer so I can buy more!
  • 22:15:12: When you mix Daniel Lanois with Emmylou Harris & a Neil Young song, you get something beautiful. ♫
  • 22:34:11: I think I might have found a new song to masturbate to: ♫
  • 23:40:24: @markoshark Ah yes, the one we just watched was Ferengi Love Songs WITH the Grand Nagus himself!
  • 23:50:52: Just started watching

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