Monday, August 10, 2009

From Twitter 08-09-2009

  • 01:12:33: tastytrixie: Heading out for a shoot. Not sure why my main machine isn't letting me tweet.
  • 13:18:55: tastytrixie: "Tiny Geometries" is one of my favorite classic New Age ditties. Good listening while photo editing. ♫
  • 13:24:56: tastytrixie: Making a prioritized list of the languages I want to learn with links to places online where I can get free lessons.
  • 14:56:27: tastytrixie: At the top of my list of old-lady wants: kleenex kozies / box-holders. Because I really despise ugly kleenex boxes.
  • 17:58:42: tastytrixie: Good healthy SIGH -- just did a wee bit of cardio and some stretching (and stomping/breaking apart my stale chi).
  • 17:59:08: tastytrixie: So what are some languages to learn that don't require a person to roll her "R"s? I've never been able to master that.
  • 20:46:08: tastytrixie: Phew . . . done editing a set of pics that I love; need to do a better job this week of culling out duplicates and not-so-greats, though.
  • 20:55:17: tastytrixie: It's official: this more-feminizing birth birth control pill is making me want to sleep 600 hours a day. Need to get a different Rx.
  • 21:28:50: tastytrixie: Sometimes when twitter is being a bitch I have to go browse a reliable site just to remind myself the internet actually works.
  • 22:22:40: tastytrixie: Ummmm, no I DIDN'T know that Lady Gaga is a hermaphrodite:

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