Sunday, August 9, 2009

From Twitter 08-08-2009

  • 00:26:27: tastytrixie: I feel sorry for you if you missed me on spycam audio tonight doing my impression of Adam Lambert crossed with The Fly singing Night Train.
  • 11:07:57: tastytrixie: Icky; hate when I leave a half-full glass of emergen-c in a room; the next morning it smells like someone pissed all over.
  • 12:37:10: tastytrixie: I have a show at the top of the hour / in half an hour, then @DeliaCD has one 2 hours after that, followed by members-only chat.
  • 14:09:46: tastytrixie: I love doing shows where I adore looking at myself. It's so narcissistic, but whatever. It's lovely & massively erotic.
  • 14:20:24: tastytrixie: I think I might fucking die if I can't find an excuse to get the more-channels-satellite-package in time for Mad Men Season 3 . . .
  • 15:57:23: tastytrixie: My favorite Elton John song is: &#266B;
  • 16:24:46: tastytrixie: LMAO at the marketing genius who came up with these reasons to visit Russia instead of France, Italy, etc:
  • 19:51:44: tastytrixie: Having a hot Saturday night listening to the blues on @KPLU and cleaning house. My toilet now sparkles & I can do a Texas two step!
  • 20:44:59: tastytrixie: We're going to play a rousing game of Geographical Pursuit. Logging in the roving cam to catch all of the action (use Kitchen Cam for audio)
  • 21:48:52: tastytrixie: Oops; I forgot to click "connect" so you missed some of our game. But now IT'S ON! Saturday night nerdfest!
  • 23:56:22: tastytrixie: @wonderingsub I don't think Nat Geo makes the game anymore, unfortunately so we have this old edition with the Soviet Union, etc.

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