Thursday, August 6, 2009

From Twitter 08-05-2009

  • 01:46:05: tastytrixie: Sweet Jesus - I hope the multiple-shits I just blasted into the bowl mean that cheese curd is done fucking with my guts. No more cramps, PLS
  • 11:05:50: tastytrixie: EGADS!! Some crazy bitch is using my "real" name for porn!!! Suggested I friend her on facebook.
  • 12:57:29: tastytrixie: Going to my mailbox place to fax some exciting work/friend stuff. Also to store to take back chunky soy creamer.
  • 14:28:08: tastytrixie: Painted my toenails in prep for what MAY be an outdoor shoot. Still have to apply 2nd & top coats & do more planning & primping.
  • 14:33:13: tastytrixie: Coke Zero tastes a billion times better than Diet Coke. Not that I ever drink those chemical poisons, ahem.
  • 16:58:11: tastytrixie: Not sure if we're getting outside to shoot; my face feels puffy & I just want a nap. Debating whether to forge ahead or do geek work tonight
  • 19:25:31: tastytrixie: Sigh. Have spent hours on this design but I don't like how it's turning out. Hate to do it, but might have to discard what I've done so far.
  • 22:35:04: tastytrixie: The more I get done, the more depressed I am about how much I have LEFT to get done. Like, YAY, I just did .005% if my site to-do's! Snort.
  • 22:35:47: tastytrixie: I know, I know . . . one thing at a time.
  • 23:21:02: tastytrixie: Do you ever compulsively check email, feeling/thinking (not in words) that you'll receive some message that will solve all your problems?

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